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Links to Others
Some associated websites for your perusal...

Helter Skelter Publishing
Publishers of the ELP biography The Show That Never Ends and my book on The Nice, Hang On To A Dream. These books may be purchased from their online store.

Temple Music
The official Colosseum and Jon Hiseman website.

Tony McPhee & The Groundhogs
Their official website.

William Neal
William is a friend of mine. He painted the Tarkus and Pictures At An Exhibition album sleeves for ELP.

Nic Dartnell
Painter of the first ELP album sleeve, Emerson Lake & Palmer.

H.R. Giger
Sleeve artist for Brain Salad Surgery.
Chris Wilson, the designer of three of my books, The Show That Never Ends (2010 revised edition — should be out before too long!), Hang On To A Dream, and the newly-published Playing the Band, as well as this website.