Emerson Lake & Palmer — The Show That Never Ends
Many years out of print, The Show That Never Ends is to be republished in a new edition in the near future, hopefully sometime in early 2011.

This time around Martyn Hanson has fully revised and updated the new edition with loads more in-depth information, and brand new and exclusive interviews. To accommodate and complement the additional material, the book has been completely redesigned from cover-to-cover, and now features over 150 rare and previously unseen photographs and images throughout!

Some comments on the first edition:

"The ELP story is followed to its ignominious end after the 1998 tour with Deep Purple and Dream Theatre, when Lake vetoed any new album without his presence as a producer. A low key denouement to the story so far but, in this book at least, there's more to come."

Classic Rock — February 2001

"Read as a chronicle of three musicians swimming manfully against the tide of popular fashion for over 20 years, it's often grimly fascinating."

Mojo February — 2001

"On a purely musical level, the authors have done a bang-up job."

Making Music — January 2001

"Most people under 30 will have never heard of ELP, but for musos and those with a palate for prog rock this is worth a dip; a better cover and inside photos may be a good idea for future re-prints."

What's On — March 2001

First Edition: Helter Skelter 2000, ISBN 1-900924-17-X, HB/PB
New Revised Edition: 2011, TBC
Top: Martyn with Carl Palmer at the launch for the original edition at Helter Skelter in London, 2000.

Above: Carl signs copies of the limited hardback in the HS basement.