The Nice — Hang On To A Dream
"Even without Emerson's co-operation, Martyn Hanson gets close to the story, thanks to the rest of the band and crew who can remember tales like guitarist Davy O'List rolling a joint with a Malteser one night."

Classic Rock — February 2003

"This well-written tome is taken from press cuttings new and old as well as recent interviews, and takes a balanced view on all the members' contributions, but focuses on the prolific influence of Keith Emerson, who took innovative steps by combining rock music with jazz and classical sounds.

"Don't expect the big, glossy, politically correct text of so many titles; genuine fans will enjoy this, and anyone interested in the era will find something new. One for the train spotters, in the most enjoyable way."

Record Collector — February 2003

"Martyn Hanson's biography is an excellent piece of work. Hanson follows the band from its 'pre-history', charting the previous bands of Emerson, Davison, Jackson and O'List, to its formation.

"If there is a drawback to Hang On To A Dream it's that Hanson was not able to get Keith Emerson or Andrew Oldham, then of Immediate Records, for any input. It's to Hanson's credit that he admits as such, but the input of others in and around the band make up for this.

"For any fans of Keith Emerson or The Nice, or prog music in its early days, Hang On To A Dream is a must-have."

Music Street Journal

Helter Skelter Publishing 2002, ISBN 1-900924-43-9, PB
Top: Martyn with Lee Jackson at the October 2002 launch, Helter Skelter bookstore, London.

Above: Lee Jackson signing copies of the book. Brian Davison was to join him but was sadly too ill to attend.